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Direct Ordering

Generate dependable roofing and siding material orders with top distribution partners in seconds and directly from HOVER.

Integrated with the Top Roofing and Siding Distributors

Confidently order roofing and siding materials in seconds, not hours

Reduce errors and unnecessary back and forth by generating accurate orders from HOVER’s to-the-inch property measurements and each contractor’s preferences and distributor pricing.


Order materials confidently, every time

Accurate orders in minutes

Quantities are automatically calculated with to-the-inch measurements and your unique install preferences, reducing manual entry.

Make every job profitable

Visibility into distributors' pricing and material availability, reducing costly misorders and keeping projects on track.

Increase customer satisfaction

Meet expected timelines and costs for every project with accurate orders, keeping customers happy and increasing referrals.


Spend less time filling orders, more time building relationships

Process every order faster

Integrate with your ordering systems so you instantly receive order details from customers without any manual entry.

Increase order confidence

High order accuracy thanks to HOVER's to-the-inch property measurements and integration with your live product catalog and pricing.

Customer service at scale

Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing back and forth on customer orders.

How It Works

See how you can automate your production workflows with Brooklyn from HOVER, an industry veteran and former Director of Production.


Talk to us to get started

Whether you're a contractor or distributor, we can help improve your roofing and siding material ordering process



Eliminate material order errors

Direct Ordering allows me to build our business and not be so hands-on. I don't need to worry about if we have enough ridge vent. I leave that to the guys. They left it up to HOVER so there's no reason for a messed up material order."

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Tyler Schisler

Co-owner, Shumaker Roofing
Frederick, MARYLAND

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