A Fully Measured, Customizable 3D Model of Any Home

Save Time & Money

Gain access to all exterior measurements, eliminate extra trips to the job site and provide a reliable estimate quickly.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Show homeowners what their project will look like and gain instant credibility early in the sales process.

Win More Business

HOVER Pro users see an average increase in the size of jobs sold and a 5-10% increase in close rates.

How It Works

Home Design With HOVER

A Word from the Pros

“We use HOVER every day - it’s a way of life for us. HOVER gives us and customers a sense of credibility.”

Michael Damora

K&B Home Remodelers

Three of our salespeople are using HOVER 100 percent of the time. And the fourth is starting to see the light.

Terry Stamman

Twin Cities Siding Professionals